Crane Training

For more than 30 years, the Ohio Operating Engineers Apprenticeship and Training Program has been training our members to be the best crane operators that they can be.  We offer cranes of various sizes and designations to train on.

We have recently added several new cranes for our members to train on.  Each of our four training sites is fully equipped with 10-ton overhead cranes in the shops, and we have small and large hydraulic as well as friction type cranes available.

Properly trained and certified crane operators are in more demand now than ever before.  We are offering our “Crane I Course” at all of our training sites multiple times each year.  The Crane I Course introduces the future crane operator to the safety, mechanics, and physics of a crane.  Every student will learn about load charts, and how important it is to understand and use them properly.

Crane Operator Wages

  • Indeed
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Operating Engineer

If you perform a search for crane jobs in your area, you will see many sites quoting the average salary for a crane operator in Ohio ranging from $17.93* to $33** per hour.

The current hourly wage for IUOE Local 18, Ohio Operating Engineers is $42.81***

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**Tower Crane Operator Salary in Ohio,–in-Ohio, accessed 26 Oct. 2021.

***Zone 1 (NE Ohio) Operating Engineers Wages,$docUniqIDAll/852565B8007069328525856F0062658D?opendocument, accessed 26 Oct. 2021.

****The Operating Engineers wage scale is based only on the hourly wage rate.  It does not include any additional contributions such as insurance, retirement, scholarship, apprenticeship contributions.  The wages stated for “ZipRecruiter” and “Indeed” are based upon independent survey information that may or may not include union wages in their sample.  There is no indication that any benefits are included in their sample averages.

Informational Brochure

Here is a quick download for an informational tri-fold for the Apprenticeship Program.


Apprenticeship Fact Sheet

Here is our 2021 Fact Sheet Mailer for the Equipment Operator Apprenticeship and the Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship.