Our training includes a very large portion of “HANDS ON TRAINING”, because with heavy equipment, seat time is where you get a HUGE portion of your experience and KNOW-HOW.


If you can see it, you can do it!


Our mission is to equip our members to be the best operators that they can be.  Skills, knowledge and experience that all comes together to create the complete picture!

Looking For a Career to Build Your Future Upon?

The Operating Engineers are seeking motivated candidates, start building with us!

Our story begins with an unwavering commitment to our brother and sister Operators, those who work in this trade, who have a sincere desire to be the best Operator they can, for themselves, their families, and for our signatory contractors.  


We aim to educate and equip our members with the skills and the information necessary to be safe and productive. We are a program that offers many services to our members. As our industry changes, we adapt to benefit our members, assisting them with their skill development, helping each of them be the best operator that they can be.


As the industry changes, and the technology improves, we will continue to adapt in order to equip our members.


Crane Operators

It takes a special person with a special skill set to safely handle the tasks that crane operators handle!


Construction Trades

Have you considered becoming an Operating Engineer, learning a skill that will benefit you and your family, a skill that will help the infrastructure of America?


GPS Training

GPS and Automated Systems are everywhere around us!  We teach our members the basics, and then grow them from there!  Equipping them to meet the needs for the high demands and skill levels needed to be a part of this ever developing industry!

Tools of the Trade

We train on cranes, forklifts, scrapers, bulldozers and more. We have a commitment to equip you with everything you need to gain knowledge and the skills required, to have a long and prosperous career!

Scroll through the Equipment gallery to see what we are talking about!


We are looking for quality people, to transform them into SAFE heavy equipment operators, to work in a trade that requires dedication and skill development.

Quality people are an integral part, needed for the continuity of our Union. We realize that the most valuable investment and the most solid foundation of our Union lies with the people that come through our doors. The people that are a part of our Union, are unique, special and talented individuals, that come together to form a family. The success of our Union for the years to come, lies upon those who are with us, and those who will follow after us. Our safety culture allows our members to believe that there is always a safe solution. We do not see obstacles as a dead end, but as a challenge and a stepping stone to reach greater success and have new experiences. Great potential, honed competencies, a warm family and the courage to accept the challenge.  


GPS Training Trimble GCS 900 and Trimble SCS 900 on equipment such a bulldozers, motor graders, and excavators.

Trench Safety Training Subpart P Excavation, in the OSHA Construction Standards 29 CFR 1926.650, 29 CFR 1926.651, and 29 CFR 1926.652

Bulldozers can move mountains!  They can also move a glass bottle without breaking it!  Large and small, they all have their uses, and they do it all with strength, speed and finesse!

Qualified and Experienced Staff

Our training covers many areas and many disciplines.  Our instructors are authorized Construction Outreach Trainers through The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Certified First Aid/ CPR/ AED Instructors through the American Red Cross, Instructors through the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), and our crane instructors are Certified through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), just to name a few.

Remote Control Equipment Bobcat 770 skid steer, BROKK and Spider Crane just to name a few!

Pipeline Training Offered via the International Pipeline Training Program, learning from the industry’s best!

Excavators of all sizes, with attachments to help the job get done right!