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Become a Maintenance Technician

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The Program

Opening the Doors to the Maintenance Technician Trade


The Need

This program was created to help meet the huge demand for mechanics in the construction industry. If accepted, you will receive intensive training in many areas that will assist you on your journey, at no cost to you.


The Requirements

To become a Maintenance Technician a person must complete four (4) years of apprenticeship training which includes a minimum of 1280 hours of classroom and related instruction, a minimum of 4000 hours of employment while successfully passing the written and machine performance tests.


The Work

Our apprentices are employed through the union hiring hall and are dispatched to work in accordance with the union referral system. Apprentices work with our signatory contractors performing the service and maintenance needs of that contractor.


The Cost

The is no cost to the member for the training. The Ohio Operating Engineers Training Program is an INDUSTRY SPONSORED AND FUNDED registered Apprenticeship Training Program. The sponsors of this program are the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 18, the Ohio Contractors Association, and the Ohio Building Chapter of the Associated General Contractors.


The Benefits

When you become a Maintenance Technician Apprentice with the Ohio Operating Engineers, IUOE Local 18, of The International Union of Operating Engineers, you gain many benefits. You will receive negotiated wages that will increase as you advance through the program. You will receive training at no cost to you. You will receive health benefits for yourself and your dependents. We have a retirement fund, as well as an educational fund. We also have negotiated conditions for employment. All of these benefits together offer you an opportunity to make a decent living and have the ability to provide for the needs of you and your family.


How Do You Receive All of This?

You can apply to the Apprenticeship and Training Program through our website. We take applications 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Holidays included. As we have opportunities opened up by the need of our contractors, we look to fill the open slots as soon as possible. You will begin by taking an entrance examination, and depending on how you do, you may be invited to the next step, which is an interview.

Maintenance Technician Apprentices Wanted!

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