Logan Training Site

The Logan Training Site, is situated on over 225 acres in the Hocking Hills Region of Ohio, and has been serving the needs of  the Region 3, Local 18 members for more than 25 years. This site originally opened in the mid 70s and the site has grown to include five classrooms, each equipped with modern audio-visual equipment. The kitchenette is good for putting together a quick, simple lunch. The shop area is 4200 sq. ft. with 2 bays with a Jib Crane. The shop also includes a welding booth equipped with exhaust fans to provide fresh air. The 16,000-sq.-ft. all-weather building is ideal for adverse weather conditions, which allows for training apprentices and journeypersons. Our outdoors training area gives our students plenty of elbow-room to move equipment around. Since we have many different terrains, soil types and rocks, it simulates earth-moving training, including all pipeline training for Local 18. The site also offers fixed locations for CCO practical exams, forklift certifications and CDL training.

Contact Information    
Phone: (740) 385-2567
Toll-Free: (888) 385-2567
Fax: (740) 385-7285
  30410 Strawn Rd. Logan, OH 43138 Monday – Saturday 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM


We are accepting applications online, 24 hours each day, 365 days each year!


If you need to make a change to your application such as updating your address or phone number or your email, please contact the training site.  There is no need to file a new application!