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Truck Cranes


Truck Cranes are very versatile pieces of equipment that allow contractors to get to job sites in a variety of places.  They come in many sizes and are rated by how much they can pick up.  Normally, the bigger the truck crane, the larger the load that can be hoisted and they greater the reach they have!  It takes a very special skill set to be able to run a crane, and someone with patience and good judgement.


Generally, these cranes are able to travel on highways, eliminating the need for special equipment to transport the crane unless weight or other size constrictions are in place such as local laws. If this is the case, most larger cranes are equipped with either special trailers to help spread the load over more axles or are able to disassemble to meet requirements. An example is counterweights. Often a crane will be followed by another truck hauling the counterweights that are removed for travel.