Welcome back Apprentices!  It is that time again, time to submit your monthly OJT training cards.


Please click the link below and download the OJT Card to your computer. You must use Adobe PDF Reader, (a FREE PROGRAM), to fill this form out electronically.

Download OJT Card PDF HERE!

Fill your card out, completely and accurately.  The Daily entry at the bottom of the card needs to have an entry for every day.  If you DID NOT work on the day in question, you must enter a “0” (zero) into that field.

Before you send it back to us, please verify it for correctness.

Save a copy to your computer for your records!

Send a copy to YOUR Training Site, and when you do, in the SUBJECT Line, please ADD YOUR NAME.  If you are using the fillable .pdf file, It will already have the Subject “Online OJT Submission”, just click in the subject line and add your name to it.  Then Send the email, it is that simple!

You may also download it to your computer, fill it out, and then attach it to your email and send it to your training site.  Once again, please make sure your name is in the subject line.


It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure the card is received.  It is recommended that you wait 1 (one) business day to call and confirm that it has been received.  

If you submit your card on a weekend, please wait one full business day to call and confirm.  No excuses will be accepted.

Your card is due on the 1st of each month.  If it is late, you may receive the assigned points, according to the Apprenticeship Rules and Standards.


For those who are unable to submit the form using the .pdf,  and who choose to send it as an attachment to their email.

The email addresses for the training sites are as follows:

Richfield Site


Cygnet Site


Logan Site


Miamisburg Site


Have a great day, “Think Safe, Believe Safe, Be Safe, Stay Safe!”